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Friday, January 26, 2024


1. My life path is on fire but the flame is blue. 


2. The fireplace rocks are also (Caribbean) Blue.


3. So it was only ever 20% Los Angeles.


4. Mean-ing 80% belongs to this deal with the devil, made 15 years back.

Style, as in < poetic spectrum >

5. Karma is what happens next.


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Saturday, October 7, 2023


Wednesday, August 9, 2023


Tuesday, July 25, 2023

72: proof


Sunday, July 23, 2023


City Keds washed. Walking into town for an ice cream wearing three different shades of what's technically still white. No undies on to dare my late cycle to come. I wear anything around here. That's how I know I'm Home. Within me. Out here. And then there’s my teeth. Shade four. Missed my cleaning on Wilshire, a short walk from Los Angeles home #4: Nest. Boy was the receptionist saucy about it all. Sorry I live in Maryland man. Have referred so many patients to you and it's okay, I’ll find a cleaning over on this coast. Take a big bite. HQ in all the ways. First mammogram in October. Umpteenth pap. Saw a dermatologist today. Systems. Gotta mix in a pedicure. Veggies for the juicer when I pick up a rare Rx. Eggs and english muffins, my staples. Get up and work and then that 11am breakfast sandwich hits the spot. I’ll eat and drink anything but don’t often do prescriptions. Messy violent doctor and nurse ruled the roost but honestly I am over all of that. This year was the year. My year of feeling all my feelings. There will be more and they will be new. Mom and Dad are moving a town over from Easton. New construction on the water. Dad asked me to go take a look at the place, give him my read. I like it. Have ideas. A good house for a dog and a nice neighborhood to start biking again. Work on his gut. Dad's getting a bike and a dog. We'll have this talk, but if he ever hurts that dog, I'll raise a ruckus. Forgive and forget, forgetting just enough not to be an idiot. Our poor dog growing up. All of us, but me and that dog took it hard. Terrified me when I had to take Adley on his walk, b a d Adley, short for Adirondack. He grew more unhinged over the years, and of course he did. When Dad had to put him down, he buried his ashes under a tree in the backyard and drank a bottle of vodka sobbing. Wouldn't come in for dinner. Love is a confounding force of nature that I'll never stop wanting to know more about. An engineer wants to know how everything works. So here. My left hip* has been sore for quite some time. During what’s left of this alchemical sabbatical, I’m aiming to reverse all bodily habits to the other side. The patterns I catch. Hold the phone in my right hand, so holding it in my left. Put the phone in my right back pocket, so in my left. Cross one leg over the other. Wait, no, the other. Things like that. Criss cross apple sauce reversed for eyes closed. That’s how it goes but balance isn’t harmony even though seeking said balance promotes harmonic calibration. Until I loose it days back into the Los Angeles school year. Or I won't. Hand rolls and new ideas. The radio<3 Art theaters with cocktails<3 Spiritual rewrites.

In town to order one scoop of Mocha Toffee Crunch in a cup. Not what I thought I would get. Tricky to not pick the yet unscooped flavor, such a freak like that. Try to look away when they shake the water off the scooper. Sit in the square and write the above. Stroll home to edit my world’s longest manuscript. Class ended a few weeks ago. I was a good gIRL mess and transcribed 19 lectures (2 x 9 + 1 bonus car class) + other odds and ends that I have to deal with now. I’m not awesome at finishing, anything. AND change promotes, provokes, devotes change! This blog made it thru a whole year, most deserving of an imaginary holiday. I roasted beets this afternoon, red and golden with four cloves of smashed garlic and tonight had some of them over good pasta with lots of parsley and a little bit of grated honey gouda. The local grocery store put out all these little tastes of cheese, packaged for sale, portioned for single shoppers. Nice cheeses, imported slivers wrapped for a dollar or two. Precious, so a bit of a random dinner with that cheese, or better yet, cheese with that dinner, but worked. But. I bit the inside of my lip bad. Left some crunch in those roasted beets and walking home I keep sucking on the bite mark. The cold ice cream made it feel better and now I'm sucking the salty blood in my sticky mouth. Makes me conjure dirty thoughts 2. and others, like how honestly amazing it is that anything heals. You’ll have this persistent ache or pain and 1. day you forget about it because it’s not there anymore. The forgetting — or the gone? Chicken or the egg SANDWICH? I'm not yet famous for my breakfast sandwiches. This not yet patented technique of melting salted butter in the cast iron skillet. Split the muffin and crack an egg in between. Cooking create an accordion primed for inserts. Leftover roasted beets, still with some crunch, chew careful. Parsley, avocado, and carrot kimchi. No sheep's milk honey gouda this morning after milk in my twin cappuccinos. And ice cream tonight. I'm a farmer.

Home. Bins in. Hands washed. Pitcher of lemon water. I’m bleeding so it worked. Mom, I'm so sorry, but magic is real. It's hard to be a human and impossible to be a woman (proof: watch Barbie) but I do like my cycle. I like the compassion circles create. I hang up all the clothes that are down after the coming and going from the city. I gambled, washing a dry clean only piece only to loose the bet. I'll still wear it. It being a jacket covered with fish with button eyes. The hot pink trim was the red herring. Scoop of magnesium into the bottom of a fresh glass, pour over the lemon water and chug. Refill. Chug. Refill 4. bedside. Shitter. Have the second tv perched in my bedroom for summer movie nights with the boys and right now realize my go-to hang out position is semi-reclined with my left hip splayed. Jupiter's expansion, legs making the number 4, but shit that's the source of the pain. Le Pendu. Gotta knock that off because this left hip needs a breather or it shall keep shooting pain waves down my left leg. A nuisance on trains and planes. I wake up throughout the night realizing I sleep all left hip open. Have I done this since I was a baby? A declared intent of mine is to partner with a badass body worker when back in Los Angeles. Survival vs. HQ. My body needs way more body work than I give to her. I've been keeping her juiced up though. Another hot party trick is to buy a real watermelon and scoop all the flesh from the rind and blend it with a few ice cubes. Pretty, tasty. sets you right. 

Los Angeles is my faithful friend.

Los Angeles is my faithful friend.

Los Angeles is my faithful friend.

Los Angeles is my faithful friend.

Los Angeles is my faithful friend.

Los Angeles is my faithful friend.

Los Angeles is my faithful friend.

Los Angeles is my faithful friend.

Los Angeles is my faithful friend.

My body luvs life in Los Angeles!

My body luvs life in Los Angeles!

My body luvs life in Los Angeles!

My body luvs life in Los Angeles!

My body luvs life in Los Angeles!

My body luvs life in Los Angeles!

My body luvs life in Los Angeles!

My body luvs life in Los Angeles!

My body luvs life in Los Angeles!

Serious Synchronicity Smoothes

Shit. I write with my left foot perched up on the chair. Learning to write during pandemic homeschooling all my jeans split under the left cheek and I wasn't sure why just that side when both sides of my bum look proportionate in the mirror. It's so not the same on the other side.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2023


Mobile Wallpaper

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Friday, July 14, 2023


I think that the word narcissist is greatly overused. I know that there are true narcissists out there but most of us are called that word or use that word as a replacement for being selfish. For Selfishness. And being selfish, what is that? Who gets to draw that line? Because we're here to grow and evolve and to stay in communion and communication with Spirit. We are partnered with Spirit to fulfill our life path. There are human partnerships too, of course, but those are in constant renegotiation. And I understand how that adherence to Spirit versus societal expectation leaves open room to be labeled selfish — as I understand that this is why my children's father and I are soulmates, dancing this o n g o i n g Tango. Because their father values societal expectations. He values himself a very successful person who excels at doing everything that he should do. I don't know what is society versus what is his father's opinion on the should dos, and I certainly didn't understand any of that in my mid-twenties when I made major commitments to him and thus to his family that I couldn't uphold. I don't agree. I don't agree with living my life by their rules. But I don't... Well, I would say that I don't judge his life, but I must and I did and do even though I don't want to. I have respect for his style of living and also for him as a man and his soul. It's just hard for me when he as a man over and over and over again tries to force my hand meaning my existence to comply with his worldview. Then I go into judgment because his truth, as he sees and feels it, is not my truth. He does not respect my truth. He tells me this. He tells me You are a a fraud. That is why we are not married, and likely why I cried all day on our wedding day. I knew, but I didn't yet know I could go and that it would be okay. Our worldviews are not in alignment. I've never thought that the fact that we have two sons means I have to be like him. It means I have to be the most me I can be, even when that's selfish or narcissistic according to him. And I get upset with myself when I lose my calm in my knowing.
When I tripped, he was very much in the apocalyptic scene, right beside my narrow worldviewed mother and they really needed me to know what a bad person I am. Bad: That's the word they kept using. They gave me all the reasons that I'm bad and those are the reasons their human selves use to stay good people — to stay in the acceptance. The fervor with which they need to be liked... I've always wished for the two of them to slow down and feel and allow the anxiety to be examined. I've examined a lot of my anxiety this year and I'm super grateful I took the time to do that before my sons and I get much older. It felt like high time to understand as much as I was able to understand over the last November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June — that's eight months.  We're in July now and at the end of June, when I was in a cardio dance class at the YMCA, Spirit said Stop now. Not the cardio dancing, the deep examination. There's climbing and there's calibrating and calibrating is a time of healing and acceptance. It's now time to climb again. All we can do is keep our side of the street clean; garners energy for climbing. Our sides get dirty. It's messy and insular when we calibrate.

When I know where I'm sending my energy and why I'm sending my energy there, it's a lot easier for me to relax into the reveal. It's a lot easier for me to not to take the cheap bait. I don't ask anybody to do it my way. But I've learned this year that I don't need to have anybody's acceptance of my way either. Or their permission. I accept and permit. I understand the way I work and I don't wish to shame It any longer. Shaming our nature is a waste of energy.

I do know that my sons need me to Come back to Los Angeles for this upcoming school year. They told me. The boundaries around that, around my life in Los Angeles and their father's life in Los Angeles, will have to be a lot stronger and I'm the one who will be able to keep those boundaries cleaner. Will require a lot of graceful fortitude, which means that I'm taking care of myself.

Good care of myself.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023


Dear ChatGPT, Why did I have two sons with a narcissist or a man with strong narcissistic tendencies?

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Sunday, July 9, 2023


Need 2*2 Knows🐬

1.  Can a colonic
make room for a dream lover?

2.  Can a series of colonics
make room for a dream lover?

3.  How do I use a waist trainer
to manifest the perfect lecturing venue?

4.  Are aesthetics and energetics linked?

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Friday, July 7, 2023

Checked Out

Does the colonic lady use holy water

Should she

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Thursday, June 29, 2023

68 ~ > * ) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

     🍯 ~ > *~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We managed to turn the drive to Annapolis for a colonic into a philosophical family discussion. That Bay Bridge taking us higher. Well-mannered kids in the waiting room while Mom gets it done. I love it. The afterwards, cool and pulsing inside stays with me for hours. Nothing's too deep if it's true. Belly of my beasts. I could feel the water travel around to the end. Over and over. Cleaning house gets me off so you can imagine these five feet rinsed out and out again. You. Inspired by the allure of clean endings. Me. Going back for more, colonic. Anal loving ex-orcism right as the heart gets pumping again with a two-week fitness jump-start thanks to the generative energy of boys. Realizing how much I've worked out (of) my heart this past year. I thought I was holding still but I was growing stronger dissolving from one thing into a whole other™ Pump the wings out and up. Expanding into who we are. Or at least enough so to stay to stay the course. Endurance when growing is hott. I want to have my hottest body. These changes are taking physical shape.
one-year-old blog doesn't even capture half of It, but I have been faithfully digesting crap that comes from before this lifetime and this one to date. Getting all caught up *enoughand finally filed my taxes and dissolved Front Room Gallery, paid off the grifters and am slowly designing my studio barn / home-sex-gym-spa. I understand energetic imprints.

I believe the key hims involved with all of this will realize he's been awful in ways he always shoved to my side of the street. gIRL mess is a wrap and I will work to see what comes from the transcribed lectures in addition to my hope spark, fresh and new. The masculine cannot deflect all his garbage and pretend like he doesn't see It glowing back at him. Radio / Active / Beacon in the night sky, a pace setter for the hers. We're different in our sameness. Everybody needs love. Find where the love fits. Be accountable. Do your own work. Henceforth I  admit how hurt I was because I was brave enough to feel sharp fragments crack open, off, return to Mother Earth. Closets are gardens, perhaps fermenting heaps of What Has, or What Will. Fulcrum points of energy loops snapping shut Click a strong jawed bite as the snake eats his own tail, snakes it up his own gutt→butt. Take Itt honey.

 1" of fluff off the ends 

 callus eating booties 

 dust the baseboards 

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Monday, June 26, 2023


l o n d o n
f o g

2 R 0

his fav mug

steep 1 tea bag
just a few inches of hot water
just a minute

- the bag

froth the milk you love your way

+ the froth

dribble farm honey?
perhaps a touch of culinary lavender?
if not,

pairs well with
climbing the highest peak
in the coldest region

to be rewarded with

The Graduate

he likes to game in the kitchen
upon a bottle top stool
sipping the official
SonClub latté

you can ice It


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Friday, June 23, 2023

Check Out

Check Out Receipt

Talbot - Easton

Friday, June 23, 2023
12:36:16 PM

Item: 33536001664998
Title: Japanese accents in
Western interiors

Due: 7/21/2023

Item: 33536002908501
Title: Jessica McClintock's
simply romantic decorating
creating elegance and
intimacy throughout your

Due: 7/21/2023

Item: 33536003603788
Title: Soulspace : creating a
home that is free of clutter, full
of beauty, and inspired by you

Due: 7/21/2023

Item: 3356001515620
Title: Window chic
Due: 7/21/2023

Item: 33536003663865
Title: The valkyries : an
encounter with angels

Due: 7/21/2023

Item: 33536003487521
Title: The truth about psychics
Due: 7/21/2023

Total items: 6

You just saved $110.94 by
using your library.

Thank You!



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Monday, June 19, 2023



 spinach herb tortilla, toasty warm

⚐ slather of refried black beans

⚐ egg your way (sonny-side-up)

⚐ big spoonful of miso carrot kimchi

⚐ cilantro clippings

shake of black pepper

⚐ faint squeeze of lime

⚐ wrap it up

pair with cold brew hibiscus tea
    over ice!
    in a new thermos cup from your mom
    with a stainless steel straw
        like a boss (baby)


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Wednesday, June 14, 2023



wipe fingers here
favorite dish towel


Tuesday, June 13, 2023



⚐ 2 perfectly ripe avocados

a small red onion
    or 1/2 of a decently sized 1

⚐ a lemon or 1 1/2 limes

⚐ cilantro

rough chop the red onion

    place in your serving bowl

slice the avocados in half

    squeeze onto the red onion

squeeze the lemon or lime(s) over the avocado

    mash up with a fork

        keep it rough

snip lots of cilantro

    mix it in

no seasoning required, but u do u

pair with ▼RedHotBlues

wipe fingers on favorite dish towel


Sunday, June 11, 2023


The Ashes of Drafts
exactly 1 month ago

Old Sole Sandwich of Emotional Sobriety



le pain

Ro is ten and about to graduate from the 5th grade. Our feet are the same size. I looked it up, and a youth size 5 is the same length as a women's size 7. I have worn a size 7 shoe since the 7th grade. Seventh grade is the last time I grew in height as well. I was and am 5 foot, 4 and a half inches tall, although I say five-five 4 ease. Ro is 4 foot 11.

Ro is a tense, in many ways, young man. I have rubbed his feet and body since he was small; his brother's too. Ro is loudly dramatic, emotes all sorts of sounds during, then after curls in my lap where I stroke his ears like he's a kitten-boy. He's my baby. And he has always been a serious guy.

On the rub above ⌃ I used a little jar of Dragon Balm, picked up when I last saw my NYC herbalist. The packaging is way chic. Ro said his heels were what really hurt, and they often do, he'll walk on tippy toes, though I felt the knot stemming from the ball of his foot. Up and under the ball, most inside there. I massaged with icy-hot as much as he would allow before tucking him into his makeshift bed on the floor. No cots available here. Shea will do anything to sleep beside me whereas his brother likes his space. So I washed my hands to play with Ro's hair and be gentle-gentle on his ears before a night next to Shea, super kitten-like.

Fear of the future
and of not stepping forward in life.

"I move forward in life,
with joy and with ease."

You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise Hay

The night I snapped these shots ⌃ we were in Los Angeles, at a SureStay close to the boys' baseball practice park. Ro said it's called SureStay because people leave the park and say, with some sense of defeat, "Sure, I'll stay here." We stayed there to test locational convenience > all else — testing a theory for my inevitable (part-time?) return. Would-We-Could-We rent a dumpy Dingbat Apartment within walking distance of their private school in The Valley? Morning smoothies 2go and A Regular Mom wearing stretch pants? This Mom would meditate at the school chapel before the student (parents welcome) morning service. A quick power walk home carrying three dirty 2go cups. The Dingbat would have to have a pool to combat roasting alive. One thing might lead to another and maybe I would submit to being who their father thinks he wants me to be when I am being A Los Angeles Mom. Antidepressants and a desk job is doable, or it's not. I could spend my entire salary on childcare thanks to asinine school and baseball schedules.

The writer's strike was and is still going on. A group of striking writers marched outside of Television City holding signs asking all the cars to "HONK IN SUPPORT". Much honking, next to the park and across from the SureStayⓇ, ceasing at 5:00 PM on the ⏺

HooooonK H00000nK just like the geese I saw as my first heroic dose of mushrooms kicked in. I heard these geese before I saw them in the sky. I prayed, show me you, please let me see you, as some sign "I GOT THIS". Yes, spied in a clearing through the trees, thank you. And when I looked down again I spotted a real marigold who had sprouted up inside the enclosed garden. The  had not been there in the morning. A day of the dead converging with a night flight home is pretty cool stuff.

I share energy karma with Ro. Hypervigilance like a crazy person that I forget about until it stares back at me. This is how your son feels. This is his tightness. You must work harder to absolve the root pain. The shape-shifting fire seems to jump onto the Eastern European thrifted (long) frock I wore as ceremonial garb. Real ticks climbed aboard my sinking ship (pooling).

"Am I on fire?"
"Only on the inside," answered Luar. He was night flight tripping with me as a guide. Gunshots and dog barks freaking as the light faded in the country.

We sat in a circle on his partner Lydia's land. Daughter & Father & Mother per design of the set & setting. "Lydia, do you have a fire extinguisher?" She laughs, "I'm a run with scissors gal." Grip less and surrender more to the apocalypse only after Spirit reminds me I bought menopausal Iris her first automobile fire extinguisher for any please-no hot flashes — and Iris is dutifully parked close by, at my back. "Go off," she nudges. Chemical-glazed, bug-laden. All of me and everywhere putrid. All the bugs killed from pesticides. My embroidered hemline smoking. They said I held myself as still and quiet as anything.

I scheduled 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄 before my last boy-time visit in Los Angeles and imbibed after, a weepy heap exhausted with carrying panic everywhere I go and back and forth all year. Feeling poisoned by 1 place and seeking the antidote in the other, but that cannot be right or is it? Put it down, for Ro. Sabbatical midterms in the Virginian backwoods. I passed and get to go for 126 more days.

2 Sandwiches I Enjoyed A Lot
On My Latest Boy-Time Visit in Los Angeles
despite the heavy backpack labeled PANIC

Cold Meatloaf Sandwich
cheesy meatloaf
sliced and topped with caramelized onions
iceberg lettuce
and our special 10,000 lakes dressing
on country white bread

Spiced Tofu Banh Oui
crispy marinated tofu
chickpea spread
pickled carrot
pickled Fresno chili
served on a French roll

P.S. Ro graduated wearing a beautiful medium blue suit with a pale blue shirt that we picked out together, and navy Vans size 6! purchased with dad. He said Vans run small, so they're the size equivalent to Nike's size 5 1/2, and his dad got him a fresh pair of those too. Ro has already packed them for his summer with me and Shea in Maryland. Gorgeous barn cat-boys.

u can heel ur life

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Wednesday, May 31, 2023


Ro is


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Friday, May 26, 2023

Love is...

❤ I concede. I mean Score  I will scoop up some not-even-divorcé rushing the paperwork through for tax purposes. It's not hard to see he cannot be alone, so desperate to plug the one missing piece back into his perfect life. I need the mirage of total control too. So I will glom right on, shove right in, strategically draining the teat while projecting such outwards. I will mask my stench of ketosis with saccharine sayings that all start with, Love is...

Love is...
a Beverly Hills Husband

Love is...
a renovation that rapes the character
from a really great home

Love is...
wedding planning
House* Styling 
spelled out on mini chalkboards

My real job is to reinforce my husband's stance that he has no inner work to do. We are mirrors. Yes, it's all our exes' fault. Still and always. What if they dated?! Meg's loss she didn't want to rot on the country club circuit. What a weirdo. Extra weird she invited me to breakfast weeks after she moved out and I latched right on. Who does that?

Love isn't someone else's babiesI complain to her over our only meal together. One is still in diapers! I cannot believe my new boyfriend has a kid in diapers! 

This diapered baby boy becomes the target of my misguided rage. I pick on him, disciplining him harshly when I think no one is looking. But he's smart, seeing me for what I am. This makes me even more mad! I will grab his arm, hard until he cries, but deny it. He's late to speak, but when he's ready, it's in full paragraphs and I'm scolded for the arm grabbing, but whatever.

Whatever, I have cool Hollywood friends. Real stars and winners. We play tennis with Borat  And drive to Malibu to see Courtney Cox  Her daughter is friends with my daughter  I even got the Showgirls girl, between bouts of egregious infantilization involving supersized baby bottles of raw goat's milk and SusieCakes cookies, to be the preschool playground bully.

Years will pass and we're way past cracks in the facade. Now when their father travels, I leave them on their own in their rooms. Opposite ends of the house. Too noisy when they play together. And if I hear one on a video chat with his mom, I pop my head in and offer a singsong snack, even though we all know I impart my dis-order one frozen berry at a time.

While their mother's on her "breather" I taunt them with a daily mantra: I would never abandon my kids.

Love is...
a real life fairytale

 *only Houses 


Wednesday, May 24, 2023

HQ wipe ⏷

🌬You can hear the dryer in the background and a small desk fan I have positioned in the middle of the house, circulating air.

I'm such a believer in having a home that fuels you and a home that is so systematized that you can come and go with relative ease —     to the point where you're bringing in the mail, sorting the mail, opening the windows, circulating the air, and unpacking. And I unpack right in my laundry / mud room. And what I'm doing right now is I took everything that was in my Dopp kits, I had a couple — toiletries, cosmetics — and I laid out a towel, dumped everything out, took a kitchen towel out of the washing machine, and instead of putting it in the dryer, I used that damp towel to wipe everything down.

I have a tray that I'm putting things on. Then I'll take that tray and I'll either put things in the medicine cabinet or back into a travel bag or in the first aid kit in the guest bathroom, just wherever stuff needs to go. And then there's a handful of things I'm going to wash, like my tongue scraper and my tweezers and my toothbrush and some of my guasha tools.

And, I feel so grimy after this LA trip. And so up in the face of my trauma rooted in that geophysical place that I'm even cold water washing the kits themselves, and my scrunchie.

I feel like out of body tired even though I got in after my red eye (where I didn't sleep and where I had the craziest guy sitting next to me). I feel like I transferred some of my crazy to him with permission through a foot rub. I mean just it's such a weird story. But I didn't sleep on the plane. I barely slept in LA. Lots of panic. Lots of things coming up. I don't think any of this is cool, by the way, like, I don't think it's cool to go somewhere and panic. Especially when that's where your children will be growing up because one man says it's so and he makes a lot more money than you.

Um,     but anyways, I got home.
I used a sulfur soap. Sulfur soap is very good for dandruff and acne. And I scoured my body, particularly my feet, and I fell into bed and I slept from like 8:30 to almost 4:00 pm. Then I was back in bed, I think, by 9:00 or 10:00 pm and I woke up at 11:00 [the next morning].
I still feel a little bit floaty, but I just wanted to share that we're allowed to do what we want to do to feel grounded. Even out of body, it feels really good to just address these things, and clear the energy off. I don't know how into household chores I want to get. The garden really needs some love and attention. I don't know if I have it in me today. But it feels good to do something and not just have a full suitcase sitting there. And I do love travel and I am actively calling in much more. I'd say not to a Best Western across the street from the kids' baseball practice field,     but it's nice to feel like ready to go.

I do like to smudge the suitcase every so often. I do like to store it out in the garage, on the second floor of the garage, and then have the Dopp kits ready to go restocked. I have really sensitive skin so I need to have certain things with me. And that kit lives in a cute duffel in one of my closets and I just feel like, if a sexy little opportunity came up, I'm ready 2 go.
So blah blah blah Dopp Dopp
    and I don't often carry a handbag, but being in mom mode, I wanted to have a little kit of supplies for the boys. So I'm also emptying out the whole handbag, wiping it down, wiping everything else down and I want to smudge that and my wallet too. LA certainly imparts damage on my wallet.

Reloading the little travel Advil.
Yes, the worry dolls, and I think know they need to charge a little bit lot.
    ~all that kind of stuff~

Reconciliation & Ready To Go-Ness

Implied Metaphors
from the Micro to the Macro of it all

This was recorded on Sunday
now it's Wednesday

The tray is still sitting on the floor of the living room

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