Thursday, June 29, 2023

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We managed to turn the drive to Annapolis for a colonic into a philosophical family discussion. That Bay Bridge taking us higher. Well-mannered kids in the waiting room while Mom gets it done. I love it. The afterwards, cool and pulsing inside stays with me for hours. Nothing's too deep if it's true. Belly of my beasts. I could feel the water travel around to the end. Over and over. Cleaning house gets me off so you can imagine these five feet rinsed out and out again. You. Inspired by the allure of clean endings. Me. Going back for more, colonic. Anal loving ex-orcism right as the heart gets pumping again with a two-week fitness jump-start thanks to the generative energy of boys. Realizing how much I've worked out (of) my heart this past year. I thought I was holding still but I was growing stronger dissolving from one thing into a whole other™ Pump the wings out and up. Expanding into who we are. Or at least enough so to stay to stay the course. Endurance when growing is hott. I want to have my hottest body. These changes are taking physical shape.
one-year-old blog doesn't even capture half of It, but I have been faithfully digesting crap that comes from before this lifetime and this one to date. Getting all caught up *enoughand finally filed my taxes and dissolved Front Room Gallery, paid off the grifters and am slowly designing my studio barn / home-sex-gym-spa. I understand energetic imprints.

I believe the key hims involved with all of this will realize he's been awful in ways he always shoved to my side of the street. gIRL mess is a wrap and I will work to see what comes from the transcribed lectures in addition to my hope spark, fresh and new. The masculine cannot deflect all his garbage and pretend like he doesn't see It glowing back at him. Radio / Active / Beacon in the night sky, a pace setter for the hers. We're different in our sameness. Everybody needs love. Find where the love fits. Be accountable. Do your own work. Henceforth I  admit how hurt I was because I was brave enough to feel sharp fragments crack open, off, return to Mother Earth. Closets are gardens, perhaps fermenting heaps of What Has, or What Will. Fulcrum points of energy loops snapping shut Click a strong jawed bite as the snake eats his own tail, snakes it up his own gutt→butt. Take Itt honey.

 1" of fluff off the ends 

 callus eating booties 

 dust the baseboards 

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At 6/29/2023 7:51 PM , Blogger mwj said...

Nothing's to[o] deep if it's true - Shea

we're different in our sameness - Ro

At 6/30/2023 11:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pump the wings out and up...
She has wings
Her words have wings
Happy Blogday, Gurldaddy!


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