Friday, April 7, 2023

gIRL mess HC

Hair Care 4 gIRLs in and with class

Wait as long as you can to wash your hair

Strip off your tee, and honestly, just toss it; trash it; been yours for years but before that it was his and that cognition is there each time on/off, so it cannot be a rag

Let the water warm on your head

Do a scalp scrub even though it's hard to get in there with all that hair; tried a sample sized scalp scrub and next time will make my own with some ACV and sea salt combo

Shampoo with Mane 'n Tail, twice, using a scalp massaging shampoo brush

Put a hair masque on — another sample from Ulta with Shea butter and ACV; heavy application from nape of neck down and comb thru to distribute

Leave it for ten minutes or more, so shave or dance

Rinse really well

Rinse with ACV

Cold rinse

Quick brush and then air dry, sunroof open and windows down running errands on a very warm spring day

Wait as long as you can to wash your hair

Wait long enough to watch two movies, even though each movie takes you a few nights to finish


Decide to go into NYC for an adventure

Take the bin to the alley in case you spend the night in the city

Pull Oaxacan ceramic garden art out of garage to hang inside somewhere when you're back

Drive to NYC

Face rational fears about parking in the city 

Drive back, facing rational fears about the Holland Tunnel

Discover Radio Zindag ! before it fades out

Moon roof open for pink full moon light gathering

Flash of inspiration to rotate bed tomorrow

Tune to catch favorite song, this rendition by Stanley Turrentine

Stream KJazz to bring it on home

Don't brush out the city tangles quite yet, just teeth

Sleep 'Animal Pile' style with your kid and their stuffies

In the morning, strip the bed

Two cappuccinos

Few dishes, little laundry, bring in the emptied bin

Wear a thick headband and tease the crown

Reset your bedroom again, taking notes for class !!

Take your spring breaker across the Bay Bridge to order a white television for the new bedroom layout

Pick up your craziest lamp from the local lamp doctor
Run it home, set it up, biggest bulb, wipe it down, plug it in, tidy the wire

Back out for tortellini bolognese and a glass of chianti to watch the thunder storm

Mario Bros on the big screen
Hold a sticky hand the whole time

Apply rosemary oil to ends, working your way up the scalp

Massage head and neck with gua sha comb, then hands

Read in bed

Muse from bed

Allow LOVEly knowings to come thru

Text a bestie

Meditate into sleep

Get up @four:something

Thank a wave of panic for leaving

Pray for continued guidance

Two cappuccinos, back in bed with your laptop

Left hip talking?
Mantra per Louise Hay: Hip Hip Hooray — there is joy in every day. I am balanced and free.
Gather soft, smooth hair into low, loose pigtails
Walk under early morning grey skies and acknowledge how much you love where you live

Spy a stark white feather, then again !!!

Realize that to mother is to be willing and able to nurture oneself

Note the mailbox full of ants and leave them be

Prep deviled eggs for a feast later; invite a new friend to join
Blog in a straddle at the chabudai in the eating nook
Reluctant Medium recommends this hip opener

Wait as long as you can to wash your hair

Place Home/body Castile soap, scrubber mitts, scrubber sponge in shower for later 

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At 4/07/2023 4:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perfecto y cappuccini


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