Friday, February 24, 2023


this is Reluctant Medium

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Monday, February 20, 2023







1. Calling in more ease, creativity and confidence in 2023 and would love to find some gorgeous new bedding to change up the energy in our bedroom. We just had the the walls painted a pale neutral pink and want to find some linens that feel grounded, sophisticated and sinfully luxurious in promotion of playful romps and new adventures.

- Rachel, Frank & Sons, Larchmont Village


2. The vision for our bedroom is a CLEAN SLATE. A place free of preconceived notions and mental chatter. The feeling of bathing in your own frequency — thus raw potential for creativity, love and making love. A place where we three can all be ourselves.

Moving out of our tiny house, in order to sell it, to bring in more cash as we build a house on our ranch. We are ready to have the space to embody this massive upgrade of body and mind. Thanks for the blessings and well-wishes.

- Corinne, Michael & toddler Wilhelmina, Driggs, Idaho


3. I feel like I’m a bit boring if I’m calling in rest and relaxation and not super sexy love — I’m actually at a breaking point. I feel like I’m so exhausted from life that my bedroom is a place to collapse. I crave more space, less light and soft gray or robins egg blue walls… I’m talking very calm and serene with fancy wall paper.

- India, Santa Monica


4. We long to reclaim our awe and enter into a state of playful, generative creativity. Wood Element Themes of clarity, vision, direction, resurgence.

- Gabriel & Carolyn, Hollywood Hills


5. My bedroom is my sanctuary… My desire is to continue the energy flow of Real intimacy, the truth of a sacred marriage spiritually and lovingly told by touch, taste and raw passion everywhere but especially in the bedroom. Asè.

- Julie Evonne Third Eye Goddess, Long Beach


6. I have two energetic wishes:

The energy of “Dreams” — it connects me to the knowledge and wisdom within me and within the collective consciousness, providing directional signs and guidance on my life’s journey. 

The energy of “Magical Love Making” — it creates a space to show and experience love in every way imaginable. A place where the bed is a playground of physical, emotional and even spiritual experiences. A place where bliss and fun rule.

- Love Tom, Richmond, Virginia


7. Wow, today is the day I am moving out of my Los Angeles apartment because of mold! And into a super cute semi-furnished one bedroom by the ocean. Easy. Downsize. Lovers. Fun. Fertile. Love Making. This is an artists crash pad where anything can happen. 

 I want spontaneity. 

 I want no expectations. 

 No agenda. Just the senses and the sun. 

 Love u all lots.

- Kim, brand new in Venice Beach


8. We have an air filter and a humidifier in the bedroom — obsessed with having fresh, clean air in here; it feels like a good vibe and intention from a health and beauty standpoint. But they’re so clunky and hideous! White plastic robots in our pathway… How does one reconcile this? Great Air vs. open space. Any sonic suggestions?

- Kimme & Louis, newlyweds in The Valley


9. My bedroom feels stuffy in terms of energy!

 I call in true love

 I call in passion

 I call in deep connection

 I call in health

 I call in refreshing, healing sleep

- Suzanne, Studio City 


10. Please send me calming and healing energies please as our bedroom is riddled with cancer, and soon, a newborn.

- Lauren (& family), Haight Ashbury, San Francisco


11. I feel like I’m living my best life right now, doing all the things I’ve wanted to do [following a big breakup]. The next thing for me is to start a family. I’m calling my life partner into my bedroom. I still have yet to know if it’s Marcus or not. We haven’t spent enough time together to know, so I’m focusing on making that happen more often. If it is, we will know. If it’s not, allow us to move quickly onto the next.

- Kona, Chinatown, NYC


12. Coming up on one year of new motherhood means that I’ve been pumping in bed every morning and night for quite a stretch. Now that I’m done, I can repurpose the bed, time and nutrients, transitioning from functional postpartum to sensual sanctuary. I need to feel grounded bliss. I want to be aware of and engaged with my life and my baby down the hall, but also dreamy and calm. Think equal parts red light mask and red light special. I want it to have the feeling of a great hotel room on vacation but with a really strong sense of intimacy such that other people feel weird entering our sacred portal. Like there’s unspoken Do Not Disturb sign energy.

- Christina & Baby Henry, Brentwood


13. I want to call in more space for my creativity. Sharing a room with my Grandma hasn’t really provided me with a quiet place to retreat when wanting to work on my own projects — or even just figuring out my own energy for the day. After getting into Otis for design, I’ve realized how much having space for work and play and rest is vital.

- Natalie, North Hollywood



14. I’ve watched and rewatched the movie “Room with a View” over the past few weeks, and the energy of that movie has really stuck with me in reconnecting with myself, calling in love, and making some bigger life shifts — all of which feel connected to my bedroom. Looking forward to intelligent and free-spirited romance.

- Becca, Noe Valley, San Francisco


15. I am dedicated to teenage excitement all over again. Wounds have healed, there is readiness embodied by me and my future partner. We’re feeling that 80’s innocence in the purity of falling in love…

- Kira, West Hollywood


16. Opening to spirit-guide sex: the cosmic, blindingly powerful kind that changes your life and levels up your soul. 

I used to be dubious about whether I was worthy, or if this even existed, but I’ve resolved a lot of that and now believe it is both possible and essential.

- Maggie, on the Westside of Los Angeles


17. I ask for peace, mutuality, and to be caught every once in a while: so as not to hurt and so as to be allowed to fall.

I could ask to feel like an angel or to come out the other side of a pop song, but I really just want peace. No glitter. No fireworks. Just goodness. To wake in wonder and calm. To sleep like that, too. The in between: soft. Reciprocal. 

Perhaps I should ask for trips to Lisbon and cappuccinos in bed, the luxury of not having to work a day job, gallery representation, or a really good dance partner… and what about dreams? But it all starts with peace and mutuality, no?

- P., Upper West Side, Manhattan


18. We are thrilled about our new apartment! Here for deep rest, lots of warm light, joy, and high city vibration. We wish to hear the sounds of lower Fifth on mornings after one of us fetches the coffee and returns to bed to finish the paper. We want to reunite with each other as our children have grown and now we have more time together.

- Nancy & Nick, Greenwich Village, New York City


19. Give me that energy of You Put A Move On My Heart by Mister Q. Jones all night long, pretty, pretty please.

- Gabriela, San Salvador, El Salvador

... ..- -. / .--. -. -.--

Bedrooms are where we begin and end our days, so they’re low hanging fruit in terms of living with a daily source of inspiration… no matter what you’re keen to experience next.

The radio is erotic .. / -- / ---

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Friday, February 17, 2023



 Who made it?  Man or woman? 

 Lol..they were both males and the 
 stronger one beat up the other one 
 over territory I thought I had 
 bought a female. 
 I'm such a novice 
 aquarium person, I had to show. 
 you I can keep some thing 


Tuesday, February 14, 2023


The boys and I were crossing from West to East yesterday when a(n) NPR story about women's wanting caught all our ears. Wanting, not as in the aftermath of getting It or not, but the emotional act of desiring, hard. Two friends edited a compilation of essays, and they were taking turns talking about their book with: This is Margot, This is Kelly. One gave the example of a mom who wants to attend the school play but really wants to be alone, in Paris, drinking wine, eating cheese. MOM. Ro put his hand on my right shoulder. MOM. Someone is like you. His brain expl*ding.

Honey, that's all moms, all people. Parents are just messy people who love their kids hard and still want to feel real. And real changes form.

Cowboy Boots


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Monday, February 13, 2023


Reflexive Thinking, 2023
Back in the day the girls at the nail salon um I mean the bagel place are all cooing over my nails. Can I touch them? Do you dip them? Yeah, thick, they are tools of sorts, I work with my hands. This one, shorter more square, is the packing tape peeler nail. Curved narrow pinky, this one, can scrape an ear canal. My mother would freak out about trimming nails short, cutting below the white line into pink. Show off frightened new skin. Washes her hands till her knuckles crack and bleed and sometimes she will sleep with hands lotioned up in old cotton socks. Does it have to get there? Be bold enough to label your perversions and you can keep going, keep refining, keep elevating your vices. Reset the balance of power of who is steering what and where. S&M. Sun & Moon. So-Cal & Mary-Land. Knowing that the movement beneath you is beyond you, until, not. Stroll & Make Love / Make dinner / Make your bed.

The reluctant medium is becoming much less hesitant when receiving and communicating clairvoyant transmissions. Her gift gains strength as she builds the muscles of reframing her personal narrative. Lube up a life lived in flow thanks 2 outer work—inner work. Pulse the outer through the body and watch the piles of inner organize themselves. Takes the time it takes. Miraculous when it clicks. Isn't life funny?

When I feel rushed, I weigh the difference between having momentum accrued

I was looking back at pictures from my first year post-separation,
or, when I was there

crying / wine

This writer named Scott

Amateur boxer, rides a mint green Vespa with glitter helmets, on and over the canals. I give him a little wind-up antique teddy bear. He walks and chimes together cymbals. He gives me a vintage basket purse. Basket With A Lid — that was important to him. Inside was a silk robe. He called all the plays before they were made, and then stepped out of the way. I thought I was sad.

All sorts of misplaced stuff works its way out, which is why I find it so terrifying when people plug right back in. Missing piece and off they go, plugging. Makes me queasy to see their work get piled on top, but that's why I am working on the anger. My anger. I am angry about

He used to run me a bath and read to me. Huevos rancheros for breakfast, or just juice and the paper, and self-guided Shintoism studies, falling asleep. His assistant grew up in The Dakota. He went darker when Prince died and I had black calla lilies delivered because I was working for a florist and could.

Stay in touch and fancy lunches for birthdays. Time and space and pace yourself when you are changing everything. Not saying be alone, but don't not be. Why postpone it, entangle another, work stacked on top?Though if they're entangled with you, right now, they're also in it and that = an exponential equation that won't be avoidable, forever.

Think, reflexively

The pattern will jump around, crashing or nimble feather feet

Pat down all the embers. Fire turns to earth and from earth grows wood. Gotta ground down and grow up
Stretch & More


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Tuesday, February 7, 2023


🗣Girl Mess is waking up to super erotic dreams and deciding to reset your bedroom.

I've done a lot of bedroom resets for myself and for others to call in new l*vers. And there's no right or wrong. It's just about freshening up the room. My bedroom is not very big and my bed is very big and it's kind of in a corner. So I moved it out of the corner and really dusted underneath. Dusted the baseboards. Stripped off the sheets. Did a hot water wash. Thought about flipping the mattress, but didn't. Opened the window. Did a little bit of smoke medicine. Went for a power walk, listening to oldies. I used to fall asleep to oldies as a little girl and I would cry because maybe they wouldn't be around when I was an adult and this boy who had a crush on me would call in songs to the cool radio station and I would lie and say that I liked Green Day. But I really liked oldies. I wish I could have just had him call the oldies station

base of driveway post power 👟👟

That's really all I've done for the bedroom today [🪜 plucked that paintbrush strand (2)]. It feels like enough. Put the sheets back on, fresh and clean. I was gifted some new cosmetics, so I unpacked those. I'm going to put them in this little wooden box that my grandfather painted forever ago. It's outside taking air. Smelt a bit musty, so I sprayed it down and am letting it get some sun. Oh, and I also took a shoe rack and spray painted it metallic silver, so that'll be really funky. That'll live in one of the bedroom closets after full moon light.

I'll give the bathroom some love. i.e. I'll clean the bathroom. And then when I shower, after cleaning the bathroom, I'm going to wash my hairbrushes with my shampoo. I'm thinking about switching to shampoo and conditioner bars. No plastic. And work on washing my hair less. Thinking a lot about hair as an extension of the skin, skin as an extension of the nervous system, of the sensory system, of sensing things. Intuition. I was strongly guided a couple of years ago to chop off my hair and let only my natural hair grow back. And now of course I want it down to my ass ← I always say this  growth takes time.

Working my way through the rest of the house, on📱off with clients, so keeping all the balls rolling, playing a lot of oldies. Inside🪴Outside, there's this planter box that the dryer vent empties into, so nothing's planted in it right now. It was overgrown with weeds when I moved in. Pulled out all the weeds (then) and so now I just turn the soil there to get out the lint, tend and flip. Feels very kinky. It really seems like very happy soil.

Went grocery shopping for some of my favorites, for that always feels like big love shit. And I've ordered the vacuum !!!!! I've been lusting over. I kid you not. I've been wanting this gold Dyson stick vacuum since before I moved. Only in Los Angeles, there's a vacuum showroom at the mall, and I just fell for it. I had given my old Dyson sticks to my cleaning woman. They both required repairs, so if you want to repair them, you can have them! Make life a lot easier. I wanted to buy this vacuum then, but it felt a bit opulent. But honestly, my only complaint about this home is that I'm still finding the previous tenant's dog hair in places, which is just, like, really gross to me. So the vacuum is supposed to arrive on Wednesday, and in preparation, I've been sweeping in all the rooms.

Soooo tired in a way I'm not typically tired. I know my nervous system is resetting, letting everything be okay, making good food, sleeping on clean sheets, shampooing hairbrushes, stacking boots on a silvered shoe rack, and starting to book out clients for my visit back to Los Angeles. It'll be a nice time. It'll be nice to leave the house feeling really proud of itself.

*Lovers is a mood, a polarity fusion acceleration, as much as it can be flesh & bonexxx

P.S. family fall-out [table-out (2)]

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Sunday, February 5, 2023


🍿alkaline snack car 🚘

green beans
sea salt